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McWilliam Early Intervention Institute


The McWilliam Early Intervention Institute is the division of Robin McWilliam Consulting (R. A. McWilliam, LLC) responsible for organizing training events, such as


  • The RBI Certification Institute and

  • The Routines-Based Home Visit Training Course


Both of these training institutes lead to international certification, qualifying the recipient to train others for 3 years. Trainers have various ways to continue certification in 3-year increments.


The mission of the MEII is to promote the implementation of the Routines-Based Model, globally, with fidelity.


If you would like the MEII to organize training for your


  • National program,

  • State program,

  • Local program,

  • Community,

  • Organization, 

  • University, or

  • Individual learner,


contact Robin McWilliam.

This is not Robin McWilliam, even on a Saturday night. It's Francis Bacon, after whom the BLT was named.

Although Robin McWilliam is the primary trainer with the MEII, members of The RAM Group also provide training, consultation, and technical assistance.

Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man.
Francis Bacon

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