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"If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas." George Bernard Shaw

1st 3 services

Like executive coaching, this service involves my working with you to achieve your goals. Usually, the purpose is to make a change in your work or family life. We communicate by e-mail, text, telephone, Skype, or even in person. Available to parents, professionals, doctoral students, or administrators.

Using the Routines-Based Interview, I meet with parents, live or by Skype, to determine how the child and other family members are functioning in their daily routines. The interview concludes with the family choosing 10-12 goals--things they want to be different in the near future. Parents consider the experience "life changing." Available to parents.

 I work with the family to gather any data we might need, then use family consultation to discover the most feasible intervention the family can use with their child in the course of ordinary family routines. This routines-based approach means the child receives much more intervention than he or she would through hourly sessions with a therapist or other interventionist. Includes functional behavior assessment and development of behavior plans.

2nd 3 services

When you want to know the quality of your own work or that of your staff, this is the service that can help. I administer proven scales to professionals, conduct interviews, determine strengths and weaknesses, and provide recommendations. Available to professionals and administrators.

Your staff needs training, maybe, but you know "inservice" sessions are ineffective. I assess training needs and organize, with program leaders, true training, which is embedded in jobs. We have proven methods of checklist-based performance feedback. Available to individuals, programs, districts, states, or countries. I also organize training institutes.

How do we motivate professionals or parents and give them useful information? I speak to audiences of any size. Presentations can be technical, about the Routines-Based Model; general, about early childhood or parenting, for example; or motivational. Types of presentations include keynote speeches, conference sessions, "after-dinner speeches," or workshops.

3rd 3 services

It's time for your organization to develop a 5-year (at least) plan. I facilitate the needs assessment, data collection, and meetings to develop a pyramid-style strategic plan. My method is efficient: It can usually be accomplished in 3 months. Available to administrators of small (e.g., programs) or large (e.g., states) entities.

How do you implement the Routines-Based Model so it's carried out with fidelity to the model and is sustainable? You need a plan based on implementation science. I facilitate a meeting with stakeholders to review  the model, assess needs, decide on practices to implement, and develop a timeline, usually for the next 4-5 years.

You have a topic you'd like to study, but what design should you use? I go through quantitative (including single-subject) and qualitative options and help you make decisions. The goal is to have a publishable study, conducted with rigor, within the resources you have available. Available to students, researchers, and administrators.


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