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Training Institutes

Conducted under the auspices of the McWilliam Early Intervention Institute

No RBI Certification Institute will occur in 2016, owing to my starting a new job in August. I plan to host one in Summer 2017.

I host two annual (usually) week-long institutes, coordinate institutes overseas through The RAM Group, and help organize state training institutes, also known as bootcamps. The two institutes I host are the Routines-Based Interview (RBI) Certification Institute and the Routines-Based Home Visit TrainingCourse.


I helped Noah's Ark, a program in Victoria, Australia, conduct a 4-day institute on the RBI, in April 2016. The Spanish institutes in 2016 are sponsored by Plena Inclusión and Universidad Católica de Valencia. Dates to be announced.



State Training Institutes

These institutes are replications of the national-certification ones I host. They involve advance materials; a week-long, hands-on session of practice with feedback; and post-institute practice and assignments. State institutes lead to state approval. "Certification" is restricted to my national institutes.


Any combination of the following options is available for my participation in state training institutes:


1. Providing guidance on how to organize the institute ($500)

2. Materials for a manual and thumb drive (approximately 100 pages) for participants ($75)

3. My participation in kicking off the institute and demonstrating the RBI, in the case of RBI institutes ($5,000 + travel and lodging)

4. My coaching throughout the week ($20,000 + travel and lodging)

5. Reviewing videos for approval ($200 per video)

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